What is MonoThesis?

MonoThesis is a Thesis Management System (TMS) designed to provide all the tools a professional analyst needs to do their daily work.

This includes:

  • A finance-contextual data-warehouse to house all your investment data.
  • Integrations with plenty of services to easily unite all your data in one place.
  • An intelligent search engine tailored to finance terms to pull out all relevant data you need.
  • Ease of life functions such as related news search
  • Automatic 10K, 10Q and 8K regulatory filings from SEC Edgar.
  • Data visualisation tools for qualitative information that goes beyond just the numbers.

Why you need this

We all know active management is difficult and while hedgefunds serve many purposes, such as for example tailoring risk, generating alpha is always a key goal. To do this we need to be experts in our sectors and our portfolio.

In todays information society this means managing an ever increasing amount of data from multiple sources, processing all this information and understanding how it affects the underlying fundamentals.

To do this better we need new tools.

This is why we built MonoThesis — to help us document the qualitative aspects of our investments in a way we can review, analyze and iteratively improve on. And ultimately, to start generating better alpha for ourselves.

If this sounds interesting, have a look at our plans & pricing or get in contact with us and we'll be happy to talk more!